How it Works


Three different programs to choose from.
Take one or combine them.

Each has something unique to offer.

At the Studio we follow in the footsteps of the traditional Academies,
but redesigned to suit the needs of the 21st century artist.

All of our programs begin with drawing.
Students progress to painting once they have understood the underlying principles of the methods and work on a project to project basis at their own pace.

This way our classes are tailored to meet your individual needs.

You can enroll for 4, 8, 12, or 16 weeks at any one time.
The Programs continue on a weekly basis between October and July.

1 – Sign Up

Go to the Enroll page, select your class, how long you want to sign up for, and enter your payment information.

Billing is on a weekly basis so that classes are more affordable for everyone. We have made this option because we want to encourage our students to take classes on a regular basis for best results!

2 – Check Our Resources Pages

Once you’re signed up, make sure to check our Supply List. You will find useful information about the materials you will need in class. You should review our Studio Policy and Frequently Asked Questions too.

Under “My Account” you will be able to see your active classes, your past order, bookings, coupons, and more.

3 – Progress

We will begin with simpler materials, such as graphite or charcoal, and eventually move on to full color oil painting as we progress through the program. The Programs are project based. Work at your own pace and as you get better, we will tackle projects of increasing complexity together.

Figure Program

Our Main Drawing and Painting Program.

Life is the Best Master

To become a figurative artist you need to be able to represent the human figure with accuracy, confidence and elegance.
The study of the figure is the key to the study of life and of the fleeting moment. Not only is the human body a master of design, it also has the utmost expressive potential. To control the figure is to control the heart of the viewer.
Even representational art that doesn’t depict people relies on the artist’s capacity to humanize the subject.

We Recommend

If this is your first Figure Class with us, please take one month of the cast program once a week in order to get acquainted with the studio’s techniques. This will give you a great head start the first day of Figure Class.

We recommend pairing the Figure Program with the Cast Program on a regular basis for best and quickest results.

The traditional academic atelier method prescribes the pairing of Figure and Cast painting.

Cast & Still Life

Work at your own pace and become a master of your craft.

Refined Craftsmanship

Studying from Master Casts is one of the oldest tried and true techniques to learn how to draw and paint.
Unlike the model, the cast never moves. That means, you can refine your technique without time and movement restrictions. Train your eyes to a greater degrees of accuracy while you train your hand to render all subtleties of light and nature.
This will make your eyes and your hand faster and more confident when you are out capturing the live model or the ever-changing landscape.

Telling Stories Through Still Lifes

By the end the of the Program you will learn to compose subtle narratives through the composition of Still Lifes.
You will be able to apply all the craftsmanship and knowledge you gained through the Casts to your own compositions and still lifes.

The Cast Program incorporates our previous Prep Class. If this is your first class with us, start here.

Master Study Program

Follow in the footsteps of the Old Masters

Learn from the world’s best

Before you can paint a master piece, you need to know how a master piece works.
By recreating a master-copy, you develop a deep understanding of the way the painting came to be.
The Old Masters are lifelong guides you can turn to for aid at any time and lead you in your own work.
Let them take you by the hand and immerse yourself in their brush work, colors and vision.

Your favorite subjects, artists or styles

The fundamental principles are all the same, but each artist applies them in their own unique way.
By studying your influences you can understand how they applied the same principles we teach and absorb their techniques.

The Master Program will develop your taste, style, and decision making.